I usually need my daily coffee for my caffeine fix in the morning otherwise I will feel lethargic while I’m working. I tried to replace my coffee with 1 stick of Wellnest Sachet to see if it can provide me the same effects without the caffeine and I’m on day 3 now and I’m happy to confirm that it does! Great tasting product!

Jason Tan

Wellnest Birdnest Sachet is fast becoming one of my daily must-eat supplement to keep me alert and ready to take on whatever tasks that day brings! Thank you Wellnest for an amazing product!

Jane Ng

Thank you @wellnestsg for taking care of me when i have been so busy

Charmaine Hui

Due to the nature of my work, long hours and a tight schedule has always been the case for me. The convenience of the sachet makes it easy and quick to consume. I never forget to have them every day due to the ease of consumption. Unlike the traditional bird nest, the consumption of Wellnest only takes half a minute and you’re good to go. I would definitely recommend this product to my colleagues.

Wee Lee

I have always loved the positive health benefit that comes along with bird nest. The fact that Wellnest comes in a sachet form makes it so much more convenient! Will definitely recommend this product to my friends

Bernice Lim

I love the benefits of this supplement. I personally believe that I can feel the results of this better than other similar options. The Korean Red Ginseng extract in Wellnest has definitely aided me with my cognitive abilities, which in turn led to me being more efficient in my work. Thumbs up!

Abraham Wong