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Step into the world of Wellnest, where premium collagen meets prime vitality & supreme anti-oxidants!

Inspired by our unique patented technology, each Wellnest sachets has been developed and packed with a beneficial medley of nature’s most precious ingredients.

Give you & your loved ones a total rejuvenation!

The Science behind Premium Ingredients

Pure Bird’s Nest Essence
Wellnest’s patented technology increases the effectiveness of our Pure Bird’s Nest Essence extracted to enhance this superfood’s function.
Korean Red Ginseng
6 Years of Korean Red Ginseng has been used for centuries as an aid to wellness to build stamina, promote healthy blood circulation and support healthy cognitive function.
Aronia Berries
Studies have shown that Aronia Berries are very rich in antioxidants, Aronia Berries help lower bad cholesterol, increase good cholesterol and improve cardio functions.
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Smile, Tear and Sip!

Wellnest Bird’s Nest Extract with Prime 6 Years Red Korean Ginseng and Aronia Berry is made from our proprietary Bird’s Nest Extract. The patented cutting-edge extraction process retains the active component of the bird’s nest at optimal and enhances the absorption rate by the body.

Wellnest is the new way to enjoy the benefits of Bird’s Nest everyday. Enjoy Wellnest conveniently at work, on leisure or business trips, or while playing sports.

Key Selling Points

The Research Team

Prof Lim Kah Meng

Wellnest is developed by a team of scientists and researchers with years of experience in biological science, virology and biophysics by Asia Bird’s Nest Corporation, Singapore’s Lifestyle Consumer Goods company.

Prof Lim Kah Meng, who spent almost ten years conducting research on molecular biomedicine to extract bioactive nutrients to create his unique ‘Molecular Edible Bird’s Nest’. The one-of-a-kind product uses formulated natural enzymes to break down the bird’s nest for easier absorption by the body and allows active compounds to be retained in their optimal state.

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