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Asia Bird’s Nest Corporation is Singapore’s Lifestyle Consumer Goods company. Their flagship product, Wellnest™ is developed by a team of scientists and researchers with years of experience in biological science, virology and biophysics.

The result is a Lifestyle Bird’s Nest Extract product, that boasts an absorption rate that is much better than traditional Bird’s Nest products, shortening the time it takes for consumers to see the results of consuming bird’s nest.


Patent number 10201601905R

Asia Bird’s Nest Corporation has launched Wellnest™, an innovative superfood with a first of its kind formula that boasts an absorption rate better than traditional Bird’s Nest products. Packaged in a modernised and convenient sachet stick instead of the tedious double boiled bowl portion, Wellnest™ is the perfect lifestyle supplement for health and beauty conscious individuals on-the-go.

Backed with a patent owned by Prof Lim Kah Meng, a leading scientist on molecular biomedicine and an expert in ‘Molecular Edible Bird’s Nests’, Wellnest’s formulation allows active compounds to be retained in its optimal state while enhancing the product’s absorption efficacy.

“There has been an evolution where more people are concerned with their personal wellbeing and are seeking natural supplements that help them stay healthy.” Bird’s nest has proven to be popular as a superfood amongst health-conscious individuals. As many people have hectic lifestyles these days, we wanted to develop a convenient way for them to stay in the pink of health with our Wellnest bird’s nest single-use stick sachets, which are power-packed with micronutrients that have a much higher absorption rate than any existing bird’s nest product that is currently available in the market. We spent months on R&D to ensure that our formulation maximises the effectiveness of bird’s nest, Red Korean Ginseng and Aronia Berry. “

Prof Lee Kah Meng

The Team

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